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About Northway Lincoln | Lincoln Dealership Brantford


Northway Lincoln has been a fixture in the Brantford Community for over 35 years. In 2005, the dealership was purchased by the Car Nation Canada Dealership Group. Car Nation Canada immediately built a brand new, state-of-the-art facility designed under Ford's Millennium Program, to ensure the most comfortable automotive shopping experience.


Car Nation Canada continues to provide a comfortable shopping experience for all of its customers, one of whom was Brantford's own Walter Gretzky. The expectations of great service are high here at Northway and we make sure that we meet those expectations every day.


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About Car Nation Canada


All across Canada small, local businesses take on a life of their own, driven by one person's vision, hard work and determination. Trials and tribulations abound as a business grows into a mature enterprise. People help you along the way; you capitalize on your opportunities, learn from your mistakes and move forward, always ensuring that you did your best, worked your hardest, conducted yourself honestly, while improving the industry that you are a part of.


Car Nation Canada is a Premier, Southwestern Ontario-Based Automotive Dealership Group started by local Hamilton entrepreneur, Rick Paletta.


What is Car Nation Canada?


The Family of Automotive Dealerships now known as Car Nation Canada has become one of the most reputable automotive groups in Ontario. Their growth has been accomplished by unifying the sales process of the automotive-buying experience across all dealerships in the Group. This ensures that exceptional customer service is experienced by anyone and everyone that walks through any Car Nation Canada Dealership door, no matter where they are located.


Car Nation Canada has carefully considered who they are and how they wish to be perceived by the car-buying public. Today's car buyer has done their research and is much more informed than ever when they make their purchase.


Car Nation Canada understands the importance of making an informed decision. Our mandate is to become the market leader in providing resources that will help consumers make better purchasing decisions.


No matter what the brand or what city you are in, you can always be assured that Car Nation Canada Dealerships include great-looking dealerships, exceptional service, a friendly, no-hassle environment and the most competitively priced vehicles anywhere in Ontario.


Message from the President & CEO


"Over the years, we've grown as an automotive group and we have our customers to thank for it. We don't take our past or future for granted and we strive to be better every day. As the business changes our goals evolve along with it, so your feedback is very important to us. We are passionate about our business and we want you to feel the same passion."


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