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Lincoln’s new concept car L100 is an autonomous EV with futuristic design

Lincoln celebrates its 100th anniversary with the ‘Model L100 Concept’ taking center stage at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this week. Created as an autonomous vehicle with an intelligent driving experience, connectivity, and software-driven innovations, the new concept model pushes the boundaries of the brand’s ‘Quiet Flight’ design to create connected experiences that reimagine the ultimate vehicle sanctuary of tomorrow.


While embued with a futuristic flair, the ‘Model L100 Concept’ also celebrates the brand’s design heritage by harkening back to the 1922 ‘Model L’ built after Ford Motor Company acquired Lincoln. A crystal greyhound hood ornament, initially selected by Edsel Ford in the 1920s, symbolizes grace, elegance, and speed and is visible through the transparent hood, capturing depth and illumination.


Looking good and feeling welcoming, the aero-shaped design of the car is low to the ground with seamless, flush details. The K-tail execution efficiently guides air over the vehicle. Its glass roof and reverse-hinged doors give passengers a true sense of ceremony and welcome, with the signature Lincoln Embrace. Smart wheel covers help advance the embrace even further by utilizing lighting and sensors to communicate motion, battery life, and human presence.


The advanced lighting creates an interactive light show inside and out of the vehicle as soon as the client approaches. The activated sensory lighting system uses GPS sensors and an advanced artificial intelligence system to follow the person around the vehicle, creating a unique experience for each rider.


Lincoln designers created the "Model L100 concept" cabin with animal-free materials and high-end options, utilizing a recycled suede fabric with accents of amethyst. They utilized metallic paint and frosted acrylic in place of chrome on the outside, while a satin digital ceramic tri-coat emphasizes a soft white that fades into cool, open-air blue on the outside. The interiors, meanwhile, invite riders to an entirely immersive experience with its digital flooring, canopy, and relaxing ambient lighting.