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Lincoln Star EV Concept



The Lincoln Star Concept reimagines the driving experience from the cabin out, with connected technologies designed to elevate each of the senses. Entirely electric with zero emissions, the Lincoln Star Concept offers an inspiring glimpse of Lincoln battery electric vehicles to come.

Lincoln Star EV Concept


The Future of Lincoln?

The Lincoln Star EV Concept, with its sleek, aerodynamic profile and connected passenger experience, made its worldwide debut, hinting at the brand's design language for future electric vehicles.

The Lincoln Star concept provides fresh design language both inside and out, emphasizing Lincoln's key concepts of beauty, humanity, gliding, and sanctuary. These principles will drive Lincoln's future design, and by the middle of the decade, the company intends to launch three new completely electric cars, accounting for more than half of its global volume, and a fourth by the end of 2026.

Lincoln is equally keen on keeping its present portfolio relevant and bringing new clients to the brand as it advances toward an electrified future.

On and off the road, careful design elements, linked experiences, and innovative solutions in the Lincoln Star Concept offer the ideal sanctuary for customers, while also delivering a more contemporary look and intelligent, intuitive functions.

The shape is sleek and dynamic, and it is stretched to produce a dramatic impact, a tribute to Lincoln's evolving design language. The idea blends design, light, displays, fragrances, and noises to create an immersive experience for clients, whether stationary or in motion. Throughout, intelligent technology that improves comfort, productivity, and entertainment is used to restore the romance of travel in a distinctly Lincoln way.

Designers used light in a modern new approach to create harmony throughout. Back-lit doors, chairs, and outside elements, as well as illuminated crystallines, enhance the architectural space to provide the ideal refuge. The new Lincoln star on the fascia shines like a gem, greeting clients as they arrive and giving the Lincoln Embrace welcome a whole new meaning.

The Star Concept's revolutionary design ideas and linked experiences are enabled by the company's rear- and all-wheel-drive flexible battery electric architecture and next-generation Lincoln Intelligence System. Engineers and designers might reinvent the additional internal space in new and interesting ways to create a unique Lincoln experience because to the flexible architecture.

The new Lincoln Intelligence System expands the meaning of "digital assistant" by allowing next-generation leading driver-assist technologies like Help Me See and Park for Me, as well as networked vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastructure capabilities.

Lincoln Star EV Concept

The Three Moods

We'll be seeing three new harmonizing audio, scenting, and lighting sequences in the new EV Lincoln models which will be partnered with crisp, high-resolution animations on the vehicle's displays. This provides a unique experience for all Lincoln passengers and drivers. These moods will surely create a relaxing sanctuary in your ride whether you're heading on a little drive or are stuck in traffic. Here are the three distinct moods:

Lincoln Star EV Concept Display

  • Coastal Morning: gentle, oceanic sounds, a scent of sea mist, and lightning which visualizes the warm, calming glow of the morning sun. This mood as want to take you to a chill walk on the beach at sunrise.
  • Mindful Vitality: Invigorating, upbeat audio, dynamic and abstract artwork visuals, and a soft glowing lightning with a scent of flowers!
  • Evening Chill: Uses a calming night soundtrack mirroring a dusk quiet evening, brought together with a night sky video on the vehicle's displays and an evergreen fragrance.

All three moods are associated with the time of day (morning, afternoon, evening) and that's when they'll play. The Lincoln Star EV Concept will also be updated with new content as well as the option of being personalized to the user's liking!

The Engine Space: Since the Lincoln Star EV Concept doesn't need space for a big gasoline engine, that room is used for more storage space, allowing for more freedom and comfort inside the vehicle.

Lincoln Star EV Concept Space

Electro-chromatic glass: the glass on the Lincoln Star will change from transparent to opaque depending on the situation. For example, the back trunk will allow light in when the vehicle is moving and turn to darkness when the vehicle is parked, so to hide valuable items.

Wing-shaped floating Instrument Panel: Highlights horizontal balance and equilibrium.

Digital Briefcase Concept: A hidden compartment in the rear door which can be used to store and as well as charge valuable items such as laptops or tablets, and can detect incoming notifications for clients.

Re imagined Rear Cargo Space: Which features a lounge mode with can transform into a comfortable outdoors seat to make you feel like you've already arrived at your destination.

“The Lincoln Star Concept has been a true labour of love for our team and provides us with a platform to share and test our experiences and design philosophy with clients as we evolve our Quiet Flight DNA,” said Kemal Curic, global design director, Lincoln. “Signifying transcendence through both space and time, the concept creates a sense of peace and serenity within an electric experience and previews what is to come from Lincoln.”


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